Idle Gems

Game Info

An awesome Idle Gems. This is an idle game with gems, achievements and some clicking included. You gain Gems by clicking on the crystal or automatically by idling. The rate you gain gems at can be upgraded and the crystal gain xp for each gem you get. The rate the crystal gains xp increases by gaining achievements and by resetting the game. You gain 100% increased xp gain for each topaz when you reset the game, 10% for 100.000 rubys and 1% for 10.000 rubys. There are three types of gems, the first one is Emerald second Ruby and last Topaz. To gain 1 topaz you need 1.000.000 rubys and to gain 1 ruby you need 1.000.000 emeralds. Enjoy in this fun game gems.

Source: crupergames.weebly.com

Game Plays: 1,877