BattleTanks Classic

Game Info

A great game tank battle. In this modern take on a classic skill based shoot'em up, you'll take the helm of an M4 Sherman and battle your way across Germany from Aachen to Berlin. 24 one minute levels pitting you against everything from Panzers and Wespes to Turrets and L-88's, Battle Tanks Classic is never the same game twice due to AI tank pathing and random drops providing a unique experience with each play through. There are houses everywhere to navigate, mines around every corner and a skill based system requiring the use of both hands. But all is not lost for those who dare to brave the challenge. For those bleak eyed and wearied from battling thru the bullet hell that sometimes abounds, we have a ranking system that levels your tank and extra lives at appropriate scores. Scattered throughout each level are special buildings that, when shot, will extend the time for each level giving you more time to kill tanks earning you a higher score. There are other buildings which drop gold bars that also earn you bonus points as well as multipliers that track the number of tanks killed and gold bars you pick up. When killed, tanks drop a variety of Power Ups that will help you along the way including the ability to shoot faster, hit harder, move faster, heal you or drop gold. Enjoy in this fun battle tanks online game.

Source: LEDGames

Game Plays: 1,319