Idle Vikings RPG

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Idle viking game RPG offers a unique twist to idle gaming, adding you, the hero, to the game and delivering an RPG narrative in bite size chunks. Welcome to the world of Midgard, a place full of fierce Vikings, mighty gods, bizarre beasties and a healthy dose of axes. With Idle Viking RPG, create your own hero decide what type of a ruler you're going to be; and get ready to lead your fellow Vikings to glory. Your settlements will continue gather resources even while you are not there (offline), so make sure you come back to check on their progress and upgrade. Build up your 3 settlements across ancient Britain and earn blessings through prestiging. Each settlement is constructed in honour of one of 3 mighty Viking gods Odin, Loki and Thor. Collect gazillions of resources build and improve the settlement train your hero and be decisive when faced with difficult dilemmas. Enjoy in this fun idle vikings games for kids.

Source: KingOg

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