Billionaire President

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Do you want to have it all? Money, power, and the love of your people? Welcome to billionaire games President! Start your journey to success by buying a simple business and generate some cash. Hire Managers to run your ventures, so you can concentrate on making the strategic decisions. Upgrade your businesses for out of this world profit margins, until you're so filthy rich that you can spend the rest of your days making a fool of yourself on reality shows. But money is not enough…Our homeland is in danger! We need a leader to take control and make our country great again! Burst into the presidential elections. Hug babies, sponsor cheerleaders, slander competitors, do everything it takes to convince your fellow Americans that you are the leader we all want and need, and become the next president of the USA. Enjoy in this fun idle clicker.

Source: kbhgames.com

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