CycloManiacs 2

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A fun elvis bike game is back! The sequel to the popular bicycle racing game is here. Find the bad guys that kidnapped the princess and rescue her majesty in CycloManiacs 2. Finish with a grand position and earn money to upgrade your bike and win more races. Sikids cyclomaniacs 2 is the second title to the popular bicycle racing game CycloManiacs. In this game, the old characters created a super bike-themed park and recruited all the other characters to become henchmen. However, the princess was mysteriously kidnapped by an unknown organization that is hiding inside the theme park. Your goal is to race against the henchmen, explore the theme park, look for the bad guys, and rescue the princess. Sounds easy right? Perform tricks to gain speed boost and beat all of your opponents. Enjoy in this fun cyclomaniacs game.

Source: arcadespot.com

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