Incremental Farm Idle

Game Info

A funny idle clicker games. Claim the tithe one-tenth of your peasants harvest farm, reinvest it to create more and bigger farms. Merge farms to evolve them to a higher stage, which generates higher incomes and reduces upgrading costs. Harvest 6 different type of crops and become the breadbasked of the world. When you need money, you can always click Claim Tithe, which gives you 10% of your peasants current stock. You can upgrade your farms by clicking the +1 (or +50, +max) button on each farm panel. This will increase the production output by 10. To build a new farm, click the farmís crop type in the top bar. When you have 2 farms of the same type and same stage, the merge button gets activated. The new (merged) farm will produce the combined output of both single farms, but will reset the upgrade costs. The superscript number indicates the stage of the farm. Every merge increases the stage, which results in an increased sell price per produced ton. If you want to, you can restart the game by clicking the Restart Game button on the top right. You will only keep your score, which is calculated based on your overall money earn. Enjoy in this fun good farm game.

Source: idleclicker.com

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