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Arcuz is a small village in the west part of the rich and prosperous land of Sakara. But peace was broken when a powerful devil came and reigned darkness to the land. Bring back the joy and peacefulness that had once enveloped the people of this small village by defeating the Devil of the Abyss, Ssyba! Your mission is to defeat the evil force that has caused chaos and fear in a small village in the land of Sakara. Train your character by fighting monsters in the field to gain experience points that will enhance your skills and abilities. Equip weapons and armors that will help you defeat enemies and upgrade them as you progress in the game through crafting and enhancements. Complete quests obtained from villagers to gain extra points and experience while purchasing items from stores that will be crucial for the survival of your perilous journey. Travel the land and explore new maps along the way in the search for the Devil of the Abyss, Ssyba, and defeat him to complete the game. You can also battle with other players online through the Arena mode and become a renowned player in the game. Enjoy in this fun minecraft crafts.

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